Perception’s a tool that’s pointed on both ends.

Anonymous asked: Hannibal is innocent. Will is delusional and has Jack convinced Hannibal is the Ripper. Jack goes after Hannibal and shoots him in the kitchen. Hannibal almost dies but is saved by Alana. Maybe Will or Gideon is the ripper


nope it’s alana

Heels clicked quickly on the tiled floor of the kitchen. The stiletto ends left tiny trails of blood behind, like little paw prints following a mother. They stopped inches from his face, the slender legs they belonged to fading up and out of his vision.

"It’s not how it looks," he gritted, trying clumsily to apply pressure to his wound.

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You are a lion my son, you mustn’t be afraid. For one day all the beasts will bow to you. You will be king. All the stags will bow, all the wolves will bow, the bears in the North and the foxes of the South, all the birds in the sky and the beasts in the sea. They will all come to you little lion, to rest a crown upon your head.

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Favourite Abigail scenes1x03, outside the Hobbs house

So you think I did it? I don’t think you’re the type. Then again, I didn’t think your father was the murder-suicide type. Although I guess the hunting could have been a clue. Mine or his? Both, now that you mention it.

For I am finding out that love will kill and save me
Taking the dreams that made me up
And tearing them away
But the same love will take this heart that’s barely beating
And fill it with hope beyond the stars
Only love

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Winston, this is everybody.
Everybody, this is Winston.

There’s no such thing as magic!

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heateus meme → 1/4 characters
↪ Alana Bloom: "Dogs keep a promise a person can’t."

Anonymous asked: You're the one co-opting the narrative for your own ends. It's a show about John and Sherlock, Mary is obviously a villain, and you're delusional, plus self-righteous, unpleasant, and hateful.